Several payment options are available at Callahan Chiropractic.

In order to ensure that you receive the best care available, our staff wants to give you several payment options. Our office accepts cash, checks, and debit cards. Credit cards are excepted and include Visa, Mastercard, Discover card, and American Express.

Callahan Chiropractic is PPO with several insurances (including BCBS). Our office also accepts Medicare and some types of Medicaid.  Please let Alicia or Laurel know what insurance you currently have when you arrive.

A big question for many of our patients is ‘Will my insurance cover this?’ That is a great question!  Since there are so many different plans and coverage options available, we are not able to give you a definite answer. When you arrive at your appointment, our receptionist will take a copy of your insurance card and will begin the process of assessing your benefits. We will be able to give you more information after we have made contact with your insurance company.

If you have any questions about your insurance, what it covers, or different payment options at Callahan Chiropractic, contact us today at (402) 362-3251 .

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